10 Factors To Take Into Account When Installing A Water Heater 2023

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10 Factors To Take Into Account When Installing A Water Heater In 2023

A long warm shower or bath can instantly relieve you of all your stress and calm you down in no time. Premium Bathware brings to you world class bathroom accessories in Kolkata. As one of your most important investments, it is important to keep in mind a few factors when installing a water heater. As experts in bathroom accessories, Premium Bathware brings to your knowledge ten of these factors.

Premium Bathware : Best bathroom accessories in Kolkata :

Your bathroom is your private space, where you can truly relax and wash off the day’s hardships. An aesthetic bathroom creates a luxurious home. But before beauty comes effectiveness. Each installation in your bathroom must function flawlessly and smoothly. Also, as a responsible citizen, you do not want to be wasting precious resources like water and energy while relaxing. Premium Bathware, as its name suggests, provides premium quality bathroom accessories to give you a pleasant, hassle free, relaxing experience each time you step into your restroom. With a range of innovative, sleek designs, Premium Bathware is one of the best bathroom accessories providers in Kolkata.

The most important component of your restroom is the bath, and a relaxing bath requires perfectly warmed water. Making your water heater a life-saving investment. Read ahead to know the factors to keep in mind while installing your water heater to ensure a quality bath

The factors to look at while installing water heaters

Fuel Type :

Depending on the type of water heater you choose, tanked or tankless, your water heater will demand different types of fuels as power sources. This creates a restriction on your choice, since depending on the locality you live in and the power supply set-up at your home, the power supply will be fixed. You might not want to set up a new power source if you already have electric hook-ups or natural gas supply.

To lower your electricity consumption, making your bath both cost effective and environment friendly, you could also consider solar water heaters, which function without any fuel, relying on the sun’s abundant natural energy. Although a solar heater might seem like an expensive buy, it is a once in a lifetime investment, and will cut your expenses by multiple folds, while also reducing your carbon footprint

Tank or Tankless :

There are a variety of water heater options available in the market today, but when it comes to residential water heating, homeowners have two major options: The conventional tank water heaters that use a reservoir to store hot water, and the contemporary tankless models that heat water actively on demand.

Tanked models are generally less expensive and are powered by traditional energy sources like natural gas, oil and propane. On the other hand, tankless models generally rely on electricity. Built for traditional water usage, if the consumption is in continuous runs, then tanked models tend to be the better choice. For haphazard spurts of hot water requirements, tankless models offer a much more compact and efficient solution.

There are other, less common but far more efficient water heater models that are gaining popularity, like heat pumps and solar heaters. A heat pump functions like an air-conditioner and extracts heat from geothermal sources, making them sustainable instalments. Solar water heaters, run on solar energy, come at a higher initial cost, but the free water heating and zero carbon footprint make it the most sustainable water heating solution.

Size :

The size of a water heater is not just a matter of looks. The choice of the size of your water heater can make water heating much, much more smooth and efficient. To choose the size of your water heater, you must consider a lot of factors. One of the major factors is space. A water heater is a fixed instalment and is bound to permanently occupy its space in your bathroom, so you must choose the size of your heater appropriately.

The size of your water heater is obviously directly proportionate to its power consumption, but it is not as simple as that. A water tanker with a reservoir may be larger but may conserve energy if your usage is not haphazard. A tankless model as previously stated actively heats water on demand, and hence is smaller, and also more efficient for small families with scattered demands.

Another point to remember is that a large water heater with a higher capacity is more efficient than using a water heater with a lower .capacity multiple times

Efficiency :

The efficiency of a water heater has two components. It must save both water and energy.

The initial water discharge from a water heater might not seem like much, but daily use results in a great deal of water wastage, increasing your water bill, and decreasing the already shrinking water supply.

With increasing pollution, and decreasing fossil fuels, the price of energy sources has shot up to soaring highs. In these conditions, you do not want your water heater to be consuming tons and tons of electricity just for warm water. With newer innovations in water heating, the cost of efficient water heaters is on the dip, and it is much more sensible to spend a little extra while buying your water heater than to be paying a monthly whooper of power bills.

Warranty :

Since you will be spending a good amount of your investments on a water heater, it is advisable to buy a water heater with not only a long, but also renewable warranty, since as a device, it might malfunction without any misuse.

Installation Location :

Although you might prefer a particular design or type of water heater, the architecture of your bathroom will restrict the installation location, and depending upon whether you plan on installing your heater on your floor, which requires heat resilient flooring, or on the wall, demanding strong plastering, you will be limited in designs. So, plan first.

Installation Cost :

Apart from the cost of the device, and your consumption bills, installation is also going to cost you. Different water heaters have different installation procedures, which even vary from brand to brand. Ensure that you know these costs and procedure requirements beforehand so as to ensure smooth installation.

Water Heater as a Bathroom Accessories Maintenance Requirements :

A bathroom accessory like a water heater requires constant care to ensure maximum life-span and efficiency, for instance:

  • Flush your water heater every six months to remove any sediments.
  • When out of town, switch to the vacation setting.
  • Regularly tighten the drain valves.
  • Insulate the water pipes with foam.
  • Periodically check the anode and replace if necessary.

Water Heater as a Bathroom Accessories Safety Features :

With high temperatures and tanks full of water, a water heater can turn out to be the source of a dangerous accident. Ensure yours has the following safety features:

  • A thermostat to regulate temperature preventing corrosion of the body.
  • A temperature and pressure relief wall to prevent explosions.
  • Vents to keep fumes and carbon monoxide from entering your bathroom.

All in all, you must be mindful in choosing and maintaining your water heater, and Premium Bathware offers you a range of water heaters to choose from and help in choosing them. Treat yourself to a warm bath today!

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