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All about Kohler's smart bath ware fittings

All about Kohler’s smart bath ware fittings |Premium Bathroom products in Kolkata

As the world around you becomes more intelligent, including smart homes, smartphones, wearables, and other technologies that make life easier, you want this smart experience to continue in all facets of your life, including your houses. As a place in your home where you like relaxing, the bathroom could be seen as a part of your personal space.

How can Kohler make your bathroom smart and intelligent? The design teams at Kohler are always working to improve their ability to provide unique designs that seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to the innovation they implement into their product line, users gain a customised experience as well as increased comfort, entertainment, and luxury.

KOHLER smart home devices are designed to improve the comfort, convenience, and enjoyment of a home. The KOHLER Konnect line blends innovative product design and excellent craftsmanship with customisation options and command capabilities for attractive smart kitchen and bathroom experiences.

According to Larry Yuen, group president for kitchen and bath at Kohler Co., “as technology integrates more deeply into our lives, it’s vital to investigate ways that it may assist in making activities we do every day more pleasant and delightful.” ” To provide specific solutions for the kitchen and bathroom, Kohler draws on its history in the industry and its passion for innovation. Examples include smart kitchen faucets that offer hands-free experiences, superior sound quality for music in the shower, and a variety of cutting-edge intelligent toilets that increase your comfort in the bathroom.

Consumers today are searching for holistic solutions that provide them with a unique and personalised experience rather than simply the product. By offering a variety of products that transform bathrooms with sound, colour, water, and light, Kohler seeks to address this issue. Thanks to the built-in voice control feature, the entire experience is made to seem so simple. Learn all about the smart bathroom fixtures from Kohler.

Numi Intelligent Toilet

One of the most cutting-edge toilet systems available from Kohler is called Numi, and it supports Alexa. Users may customise ambient coloured lighting, seat heating, foot-warming, and a host of other functions to exactly match their particular preferences thanks to the vehicle’s customizable settings option. Users can also sync music over Bluetooth.

As you approach it, you have a completely immersive experience that makes you feel incredibly pampered. The lid will automatically open, and a cosy seat will greet you. The auto flush mechanism will take care of the remainder and close the lid as you turn around to head back.

The Numi toilet redefines bathrooms for the future with its outstanding features. This is one of Kohler’s smart bath ware fittings

Veil Intelligent Toilet

Another Kohler’s smart bath-ware fitting is Veil’s remarkable proportions and expert engineering provide the ideal synthesis of art and technology. The gorgeous beauty is moulded for maximum comfort and features exquisite curves, a great design, and a beautiful finish. In addition to some exceptional features like touchless flushing, one-touch remote control functionality, a hygienic rimless bowl, and an integrated UV self-cleaning bidet, Veil offers three different models to meet your needs for style, including the svelte, stylish, and opulent wall mounted closet option.

Your bathroom experience will be one to brag about thanks to such innovative innovations.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

The Verdera is the focal point of Kohler’s line of intelligent devices. With Amazon Alexa support, you can use your voice to change the lighting and operate other KOHLER Konnect items.

By using the voice-activated LED lighting embedded into the device, you may enhance your morning routine by listening to the weather or traffic report while applying cosmetics. A straightforward voice command can be used to add shaving cream or lipstick to the shopping list. Use the motion-activated nightlight to increase bathroom safety rather than fumbling for the light switch. It makes it simple to navigate your bathroom in the dark and brightens to a comfortable level for handwashing.

This brand-new style of intelligent mirror will transform your room and improve your daily routine. This is another popular Kohler’s smart bath ware fittings

Moxie showerhead + smart speaker

Moxie showerhead and wireless smart speaker: The new Moxie showerhead and wireless smart speaker combines the opulence and design brilliance of Kohler Performance Showering with a potent range of impacting sound created by Harman Kardon. The showerhead comes with a broad coverage spray and offers linked bathroom technology advantages thanks to its portable smart speaker and built-in voice assistant. Providing hands-free control that works flawlessly in the shower, at home, or while travelling, the portable in-shower smart speaker and voice assistant offers superb natural sound balance with incredible detail. This is All you need to about this Kohler’s smart bath-ware fitting.

System for digital showers in DTV mode

The industry-leading digital shower from Kohler, with an integrated temperature dial, is controlled simply with a push of a button in DTV Mode. DTV Mode is offered in three widely used setups: bath/shower, dual shower, and bath only. Utilizing the app, you can remotely start your shower or bath, personalise your bath settings, and change the maximum temperature for increased safety.

Toilet without a handle

Through the incorporation of a sensor located in the toilet’s flush lever, the new Touchless Toilet allows touchless flushing. Users can flush without transferring bacteria by just placing their palms in front of the lever. A sensor light that can be changed using the KOHLER app is included in the flush lever.

Shower with DTV+

Water, music, steam, and lighting are all combined in the DTV+ showering system to create the ultimate tailored spa-like experience for any preference and household member. Every component can be adjusted and controlled using a touch screen interface. For voice and app control over KOHLER Konnect to access presents, make adjustments, or activate water-saving features, go here.

PureWarmth heated toilet seat

The PureWarmth heated toilet seat has three warm temperature settings for comfort and an integrated adjustable nightlight. It is sleek in form. The PureWarmth app allows users to regulate the temperature, timing of the heat, length of the lighting, and ambience of the heated toilet seat.

 We hope this guide helps you with everything you need to know about Kohler’s smart bath ware fittings.

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