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Home spas – 3 ideas for a great loo- top ideas for a great bathroom | best kohler authorized dealer in Kolkata

Why go to the parlour for rejuvenating yourself by taking a good spa bath, when you make create this in your own house? With bubble massage, hydrotherapy and handrails you can spa-like experience massage your entire body and take your bathroom experience to another level. In this blog, we are going to discuss some top spa ideas for a great bathroom.

  • Window designs- a pair of windows provide a good amount of natural light, and a built-in window bench creates a relaxing place to shave your legs or wait for your hair mask to sink in. 
  • Use natural lights- a shower with access to natural light is a luxury. The natural light not only helps to control the humidity and smell of moisture but also makes it a source of cross ventilation, with the natural uv rays killing germs as well. They are good for your health.
  • Install multiple mirrors- use mirrors separately and not embedded in the walls. For those people who have a comparatively smaller bathroom, using a mirror can look the space bigger. A mirror in your bathroom adds opulence to the room.

Where to get a perfect spa for the home?

Kohler-authorized dealer in kolkata is the best place to find a perfect spa. It offers a lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it.

But first, You need to determine the purpose and the space which two are the most considered parameters for styling the spa. There are different kinds of home spas available, like-

  • Detox spa- by this spa, you can get health benefits. Taking good nutrition, treatments, well being yogas helps you to gain mental clarity, and stress reduction and helps to release toxins from your body. With kolher spa bathtub, you can get a truly relaxing time, it’s important to immerse all your senses to create a mood.
  • Ayurvedic spa – the ayurvedic spa also known as medi spa, gives medical services in relaxing and luxurious ways. This spa is specially focused on one of two areas which is aesthetic wellness. This concept seeks to improve your health and well-being by creating a balance between mind, body, and spirit through an assessment of lifestyle. These spa treatments are based on herbal preparations, diet, purification, and yoga. 
  • Classic spa-  

Classic styles provide a very compact look for the spa. They have an elegant look with simple seatings, short shower areas, small pools, and well-polished and designed walls. Apart from that, you can add wall art in calming colors to please the eye; and unique shower and bath fixtures with rain heads and air feature to please your sense of touch. 

  • Asian spa –

For the asian spa, the floor should be polished, and the door, hanger, and window walls should be made of wood. This idea is one of the great spa ideas for a great bathroom. You can add a rain-simulating showerhead to relax during a spa treatment. In addition, you can add a sauna in indoors.

  • The mediterranean spa –

This is a special type of spa with a combination of the old and new styles. With wooden and plastic furnishing, you can create a neutral to vibrant atmosphere depending upon the accommodation of the spa. You can add to that the amount of furniture is less making it less messy and grander to look at. 

There are some basic designs and ideas for a great bathroom on which you can make a perfect bathroom for a spa in your house. A spa can only be designed based on the style you are looking for. Different kinds of styles present in the household. You have to renovate your bathroom accordingly. The first and foremost step is to choose the design and style correctly. 

1. Designed wall tiles –

Covering bathroom floors and walls with luxury tiles becoming a trend in 2022. Colored tiles have the visual advantage of drawing the eye upward to make bathrooms feel more spacious. This is one of the best spa ideas for a great bathroom. Use pale stone shower tiles also run to the ceiling for contrast. You can also use a black stone to cover the far walls.

2. Good lighting –

Light enhances our soul and body. So installing a good light is a crucial part of any room design, but bathroom lighting can often be harsh and monotonous in the room where you least want it to be. The ambient light creates a soft glow for night time showers and adds another layer of lighting in a space lacking natural light. While installing lights in your bathroom, make sure they are waterproof.

3. Shower- with a smooth water flowing system, use a double showerhead. They are perfect for a spacious bathroom. Adding a bathtub near the showerhead will truly elevate you to the luxe.

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