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Intelligent Bathroom For The Intelligent Home

Intelligent Bathroom For The Intelligent Home 

Time is changing. Contemporary lifestyles are changing, the quality of life is improving and new user needs the new meaning of a bathroom, their home among other housing spaces and designs. A bathroom is not only and hygienic-sanitary place but also a space for leisure and healthcare functions. 

The designs and ideas of the bathroom are changing which is making an impact on the number of people requiring healthcare. The time has finally arrived, and you need to upgrade your regular bathroom to Intelligent Bathroom For The Intelligent Home The demand for health benefits and health aspects in the bathroom environment is increasing day by day. For that reason, it is very necessary to develop a bathroom of various purposes and different characteristics. Having smart home technology helps to support the health of users. 

in recent days, smart devices/gadgets are popping out everywhere. if you want to spend some quality time in your bathroom, then you should try these new devices in your bathroom. just because these gadgets are convenient, but also make your life much easier and saves your time. Having good hygiene is an important factor that may affect the health status of a person. That’s why it is important to monitor the process of bathroom utilization in the cases of adults.

Here are some tips on how you can upgrade your regular bathroom to Intelligent Bathroom For The Intelligent Home

  • Air condition device-

Having a bathroom space with a proper air conditioning device is a crucial part. High humidity and warm temperature in the air sometimes make us uncomfortable. Sometimes it creates molds in the bathroom wall. these become very dangerous for anyone’s health. That’s why we need to maintain the appropriate conditions with special care. Install an air conditioning device that will regulate the air in the bathroom and controls the ventilation.

  • Smart mirror – 

Your android/iPhone can do a lot of things. besides that, it can’t show you how refreshed you look after a shower or if your mascara needs another layer. That’s where smart mirrors come into play. installing a smart mirror in your smart home can be a great addition. It runs on an Android-like OS that allows downloading and running apps from the Play Store and playing videos. it also displays the weather and calendar, checks and composes emails, control compatible smart home devices, etc.

  • the smart shower-

The necessity of health aspects in the bathroom is increasing along with well-being. For this reason, you need to upgrade your old bathroom into Intelligent Bathroom For The Intelligent Home.  you can use High tech or smart showers in your bathroom. It combines your traditional showerhead with a few more user-friendly controls that can make your showering experience to another level. There have also smart showers which offer you control over your water usage to conserve water. All of these new features and customization in your shower give you a better bathroom experience. Apart from that, some smart shower has Bluetooth settings. On which you can control temperatures, water flows, and pressure. 

Kohler launched its first Alexa-enabled smart speaker showerhead in 2020. This is one of the best products you can purchase to upgrade your regular bathroom into an Intelligent Bathroom For The Intelligent Home.  

  • Smart light-

To get comfort in your bathroom, try wall-mounted lights. by installing the wall-mounted lights correctly, they create the illusion of a bigger space. smart lighting lets you adjust the brightness, hues, and sometimes even the color of your bathroom lights with remote access via some specific app or digital assistants like Alexa or Siri. These kinds of lights are great for creating a warm and cozy ambiance that helps to make your whole room more bright and comfortable.

apart from that, these smart lighting provides an easy solution to completely changing the hues in your bathroom with some simple controls. if you forget to switch them off while you are out of your bathroom, then You can control and also switch off your smart bathroom lights from your room, or anywhere else, no matter where you are.

  • Smart toiletry system-

Having a good toilet and a smooth flushing system is a dream of many house owners. Like all other toilet features, installing a perfect toilet in your bathroom reduces the amount of stress and work you have to do. It makes your bathroom going experience stressless and hygienic. The common features of a smart toilet include smart flushing features, an automatic lid, and water temperature. 

For example, Kohler launched its Numi Intelligent Toilet at CES, 2020. It features hands-free control, personalized cleansing and dryer functions, a heated seat, and built-in speakers. The lighting can be paired with speakers to create a spa-like environment in the bathroom.

  • Bathroom mat-

you can upgrade your bathroom experience to the next level by using a smart bathroom mat. a smart mat track and collect weight, BMR, posture, and even individual footprint.

 This mat runs by an app that shows progress and allows you to set goals for yourself. All of this information will help you take better care of your body and see how far you’ve come over time. once you get to know how it works and what it’s capable of doing, then you’re going to want it as soon as possible.

  • hi-tech brush- 

 the hi-tech/ smart brushes run by the battery. it not only tracks your brushing habits but also helps detect areas that need special attention. you can connect these brushes with an app. the app will let you know if you’re missing certain spots around your mouth and works with the brush to improve your routine. A smart toothbrush is capable to make your morning routine even faster and more efficient.

  • the washer-

Washing clothes is fundamental work in a bathroom. with the smart washer, the machine can automatically put and add the right amount of liquid soap and fabric softener according to the load of the clothes. the smart washer can also send an optimal dryer setting for each load directly to the compatible dryer automatically- thanks to the smart washer.

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