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Luxury Bathroom Accessories in Durgapur

Luxury Bathroom Accessories in Durgapur| Kohler

People give less attention to the bathroom while renovating their houses. The bathroom is an important part of a home’s overall design. When you have a perfect and luxurious bathroom, 

People will get pleased. There are some points to remember while renovating your bathroom by adding luxurious bathroom accessories. Kohler provides luxury bathroom accessories for every home. Bathroom accessories can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of the bathroom’s décor. Always seek professional help while revamping. The professional will give a realistic outline of your bathroom. The professional assesses even the finer points like environment, sustainability, minimalism and some practical solutions along with aesthetics which a layman might forget to consider. If you live in Durgapur area, then you do not have to worry as Kohler provides Luxury Bathroom Accessories in Durgapur.

Let’s discuss Kohler luxury bathroom accessories from their bathroom range- 

Statement multi-function round hand shower –

Kohler multi functioning hand shower has an advanced spray engine. It provides three types of spray experience. Like- cloud, full coverage with catalyst experience and deep massage. With a full coverage shower, you can get a drenching spray experience. These are ideal for rinsing shampoo and soap. The deep massage steam shower has a twist and swirl. It helps to ease away the pains of your muscle. The cloud spray shower produces silky super fine water droplets. Thus it is called a cloud shower. It optimized the spray face for maximum performance. Apart from that, the air-induction technology infuses water with air and creates bigger drops for a more powerful spray. It has premium material 

Construction which gives durability and reliability. The Kohler shower resists corrosion and tarnishing.

All of these new features and customization in your shower give you a better bathroom experience. Apart from that, some smart shower has Bluetooth settings. On which you can control temperatures, water flows, and pressure. 

Hi-tech brush- 

 The hi- tech/ smart brushes run by the battery. It not only tracks your brushing habits but also helps detect areas that need special attention. You can connect these brushes with an app. The app will let you know if you’re missing certain spots around your mouth and works with the brush to improve your routine. A smart toothbrush is capable to make your morning routine even faster and more efficient.

The washer-

 Washing clothes is fundamental work in a bathroom. With the smart washer, the machine can automatically put and add the right amount of liquid soap and fabric softener according to the load of the clothes. The smart washer can also send an optimal dryer setting for each load directly to the compatible dryer automatically- thanks to the smart washer.

Accent soap dish –

While renovating the bathroom, we often forget about the shampoo section and the soap holders. With Kohler, you can now buy ACCENT soap dishes. The designs are contemporary and sleek. Besides Kolkata, You can get kohler Luxury Bathroom Accessories in Durgapur as well. The soap holders go over all types of bathroom environments with their contrast between fluid blends and sharp lines. They are made with brass hence they are waterproof.

Stillness glass shelf –

 Kohler glass shelf has a solid metal construction. It gives them Durability and Reliability. They are resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding industry durability standards over two times. This shelf can be mounted to the wall in your bathroom. By keeping bath accessories within easy reach and providing a sleek stage for displaying decorative items.

Smart mirror-

Now you can Revamp your bathroom with ultramodern accessories like- a smart mirror. You can add a smart mirror, led mirror, or mirror in your bathroom. The normal mirror becomes foggy if you do not clean them properly. Installing a smart mirror in your smart home can be a great addition. It runs on an Android-like OS that allows downloading and running apps from the Play Store and playing videos. Apart from that, that, it can’t show you how refreshed you look after a shower or if your makeup needs another layer. That’s where smart mirrors come into play it also displays the weather and calendar, check and compose emails, control compatible smart home devices, etc. Apart from that, the best thing about their smart mirror is that you can operate it anywhere like from a wide space to a damp space.

Kohler-led mirror has remarkably accurate colour rendering with a CRI value of 90+ and R9 of 50+, so you can see your truest reflection. Their smooth, soft light lets you select the ideal brightness for any function, by using a standard residential dimmer that works with your home’s existing wiring. 

Besides Kolkata, You can get kohler Luxury Bathroom Accessories in Durgapur as well.

Anthem digital control –

You can get these digital control Luxury Bathroom Accessories in Durgapur as wellThis product has digital control with easy-to-read icons and a configurable touch can control the temperature in your bathroom, flow and up to six shower outlets from a simple significant interface. It requires an anthem digital thermostatic valve.

Smart toiletry system-

Having a good toilet and a smooth flushing system is a dream of many house owners. Like all other toilet features, installing a perfect toilet in your bathroom reduces the amount of stress and work you have to do. It makes your bathroom going experience stressless and hygienic. The common features of a smart toilet include smart flushing features, an automatic lid, and water temperature. 


 Kohler has some amazing top notch faucet styles. They gives Luxury Bathroom Accessories in Durgapur. Their faucets are made to suit your style and personalized to your home’s décor and aesthetic vision to wall-mounted that don’t just offer matchless functionality, but give luxurious joy to the senses.

Stillness towel bar –

Add some modern touch by adding the stainless towel bar on the side of your bathroom. The modern and attractive design of the Stillness accessories ensures that you can coordinate these with a wide range of bathroom styles. Besides Kolkata, You can get kohler Luxury Bathroom Accessories in Durgapur as well.

The towel bar is made with solid brass which lasts long for 30 years. They are very durable and waterproof. Besides you can use towel rings available on Kohler.

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