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Luxury Bathroom Products in Asansol

Luxury Bathroom Products in Asansol | Kohler

One of the most important parts of your bathroom enhancement is to choose the proper bathroom accessories for your toilet. Check out which products are missing or what bathroom accessories are doing more harm than good in your place. If you are in doubts, you can hire professionals. If you can handle it by yourself, then you need to check branded bathroom accessories which provide proper and convenient accessories. People who lives In Asansol, they can check out kohler bathroom products. Not only in Kolkata, but they provide  Luxury Bathroom Products in Asansol as well. check out some of their significant bathroom products –


Veil –

 Kohler has one piece veil toilet .it has a minimalist and ergonomic design. You can get ultimate comfort in the veil, from personal cleansing to an LED nightlight to hands-free opening and closing. All of the features can be easily controlled with a touchscreen LCD remote control. It has a compact streamline one piece toilet with integrated bidet. Apart from that, the adjustable warm air and warm temperature setting makes it more convenient to every user. with 3L /4.8L you can do both half flush an d full flush. If you ever face any emergency power outage, it has the emergency flush feature which can save you in the critical situation.


Steam generator control kit –

Now you can bring your soothing comfort of your own steam shower to your bathroom. They gets ready in just 1 minute at the push of a button. They are easy to install. It has a digital control panel with adjustable temperature and session settings and a steam head with built in reservoir. It gives the aromatherapic scents. They are available between 5 KW to 15 KW. The temperature can be set between 90- 125-degree F. The power clean technology offers one touch automatic cleaning and safe maintenance.


Bath spout with diverter –

They are versatile, modern and bean faucets which complements a variety of decors. You can coordinate with bean showering components. It creates a cohesive look you have never seen before. They are made with stainless steel which last long for up to 50 years. Apart from that they are corrosion and tarnish resistant. For single hole installation, you can use kohler bath spout.



Hitech shower-

you can upgrade your shower with a hi-tech shower or smart shower. with the smart shower, it combines your traditional showerhead with a few more user-friendly controls that can make your showering experience to another level. There have also smart showers which offer you control over your water usage to conserve water. All of these new features and customization in your shower give you a better bathroom experience. Apart from that, some smart shower has Bluetooth settings. On which you can control temperatures, water flows, and pressure. 


Besides, You can also add a showerhead to your bathroom. People who live near hard water area often suffers rough skin problems and hair problems. Installing a showerhead can solve these problems. Not only in Kolkata but you can get your Luxury Bathroom Products in Asansol as well.


Faceplates –

Faceplates are usually for use with in wall tanks and carrier system that allows you to choose between 3 to 6 litres per flush. Kohler offers a super aesthetic that complements the geometric of the veil wall hung toilet. It has large flush actuator plate opening which can be removed for easy access to inner tank. Price starts from rs. 2150/-


Flipside hand shower –

With some unique design, flipside kohler has invented flipside handshower with innovative style. It gives four different spray types. It delivers a convenient and perfect shower experience. This handshower is one of the Luxury Bathroom Products in Asansol . This multifunctioning handshower is versatile, unique, elegant and easy to use. You can change the spray by turning the head on its axis. With the flipstream technology, this handshower has a single sprayhead surface to each of the four unique sprays. It delivers a full coverage spray for everyday showering. It release dense, smooth water. Besides, the spray helps to ease away the pains in your body. They are very easy to use. Kohler finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing , exceeding industry durability standards two they are waterproof so they are very easy to clean.


Stainless tower rail holder-


Add some modern touch by adding the stainless towel bar on the side of your bathroom. The modern and attractive design of the Stillness accessories ensures that you can coordinate these with a wide range of bathroom styles. The towel bar is made with solid brass which lasts long for 30 years. They are very durable and waterproof.




Most of the people skip very basic lighting while remodeling their bathroom. upgrading your bathroom with a good light can change the overall ambiance and can give you what you want. Daylight can be the most wonderful magnifier of space and, as such, is particularly important in small bathrooms. The most intense daylight comes from above, so roof glazing is often a great way to flood a room with daylight while saving the walls for sanitaryware and fittings. You can easily purchase them from Kohler. Kohler has ambient bathroom lights which can make your grooming task easier. You won’t want to be trying to do eye make-up in your own shadow, for example, so this scheme shows strategic use of a diffused light at face height to provide good illumination just where it’s needed. A concealed light source washing down from beneath the mirror is both practical and adds an ambient glow. This light has a soft glow which gives you a cozy and relaxed vibe.


The Tumblr holder- 


the tumbler holder should be a must-have for every bathroom. The new Complementary tumbler holder has Line Accessories, with its superior design. Upgrade your bathroom look with complementary accessories that give a more contemporary looking. The tumbler holder has a square straight line design and brass construction. The best fact that makes Kohler more significant than any other bathroom fittings is that it has passed ACC SST. (Acetic Acid Salt Spray test).



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