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Luxury Bathware Products in Kharagpur

Luxury Bathware Products in Kharagpur | Kohler

People give less attention to the bathroom while renovating their houses. The bathroom is an important part of a home’s overall design. When you have a perfect and luxurious bathroom, People will get pleased. There are some points to remember while renovating your bathroom by adding luxurious bathroom accessories. Kohler provides Luxury Bathware Products in Kharagpur for every home. Bathroom accessories can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of the bathroom’s décor. Kohler is not just a brand- it is a trust for every people around the world. Every day nearly 30,000 Kohler associates worldwide are moving forward with a focus on sustainability and stewardship. They give warranty to some of their products. Their products are high quality, durable, and made with the best materials (stainless steel). They provide everything. From kitchen accessories to bathroom fittings, you can get every piece of equipment with a modern touch. A special and well-organized bathroom is a dream of many.  Always seek professional help while revamping. The professional will give a realistic outline of your bathroom. The professional assesses even the finer points like environment, sustainability, minimalism and some practical solutions along with aesthetics which a layman might forget to consider.


Statement multi-function round hand shower –

Kohler multi functioning hand shower has an advanced spray engine. It provides three types of spray experience. Like- cloud, full coverage with catalyst experience and deep massage. With a full coverage shower, you can get a drenching spray experience. These are ideal for rinsing shampoo and soap. The deep massage steam shower has a twist and swirl. It helps to ease away the pains of your muscle. The cloud spray shower produces silky super fine water droplets. Thus it is called a cloud shower. It optimized the spray face for maximum performance. Apart from that, the air-induction technology infuses water with air and creates bigger drops for a more powerful spray. It has premium material 

Construction which gives durability and reliability. The Kohler shower resists corrosion and tarnishing.

All of these new features and customization in your shower give you a better bathroom experience. Apart from that, some smart shower has Bluetooth settings. On which you can control temperatures, water flows, and pressure. 


Stainless tower rail holder-


Add some modern touch by adding the stainless towel bar on the side of your bathroom. The modern and attractive design of the Stillness accessories ensures that you can coordinate these with a wide range of bathroom styles. The towel bar is made with solid brass which lasts long for 30 years. They are very durable and waterproof.



Hi-tech brush- 

 The hi- tech/ smart brushes run by the battery. It not only tracks your brushing habits but also helps detect areas that need special attention. You can connect these brushes with an app. The app will let you know if you’re missing certain spots around your mouth and works with the brush to improve your routine. A smart toothbrush is capable to make your morning routine even faster and more efficient.


The washer-

 Washing clothes is fundamental work in a bathroom. With the smart washer, the machine can automatically put and add the right amount of liquid soap and fabric softener according to the load of the clothes. The smart washer can also send an optimal dryer setting for each load directly to the compatible dryer automatically- thanks to the smart washer.


Veil –

 Kohler has one piece veil toilet. it has a minimalist and ergonomic design. You can get ultimate comfort in the veil, from personal cleansing to an LED nightlight to hands-free opening and closing. Kohler provides Luxury Bathware Products in Kharagpur. All of the features can be easily controlled with a touchscreen LCD remote control. It has a compact streamline one piece toilet with integrated bidet. Apart from that, the adjustable warm air and warm temperature setting makes it more convenient to every users. with 3L /4.8L  you can do both half flush an d full flush. If you ever face any emergency power outage, it has the emergency flush feature which can save you in the critical situation.


Faceplates –

Faceplates are usually for use with in wall tanks and carrier system that allows you to choose between 3 to 6 litres per flush. Kohler offers a super aesthetic that complements the geometric of the veil wall hung toilet. It has large flush actuator plate opening which can be removed for easy access to inner tank. Price starts from Rs. 2150/-


Flipside hand shower –

With some unique design, flipside Kohler has invented flipside hand shower with innovative style. It gives four different spray types. It delivers a convenient and perfect shower experience. This multifunctioning hand shower is versatile, unique, elegant and easy to use. You can change the spray by turning the head on its axis. With the flip stream technology, this hand shower has a single spray head surface to each of the four unique sprays. It delivers a full coverage spray for everyday showering. It releases dense, smooth water. Besides, the spray helps to ease away the pains in your body. They are very easy to use. Kohler finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding industry durability standards two they are waterproof so they are very easy to clean.



Where every item needs its place to ensure that the space does not become too much overcrowded, dirty, packed, and claustrophobic. Kohler has a wide range of bathroom accessories that serve different features.


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