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Bathroom Accessories dealers in Bardhaman

Sanitaryware & Bathroom Accessories dealers in Bardhaman | Kohler

The bathroom is not just a toilet or washroom in your house. The details of your personal toilet space speak a lot about your personality. That’s why bathroom and toilet accessories are essential. They complete the overall luxury of your bathroom. With outstanding creativity and pursuance, Kohler provides top notch, high-quality bathroom products in your house. And it is the bath fittings that decorate and elevate the sense of luxury in your bathroom. It is simply not enough to paint your bathroom walls, find a suitable toilet and shower panel. The original beauty lies in the bathroom essentials which you use on a daily basis. The bathroom accessories do the great job more than just giving your bathroom an aesthetic look. The brand kohler is not only in Kolkata but considered one of the best Bathroom Accessories dealers in Bardhaman as well. For the first time, who are going to renovate their bathroom, it can be confusing to find the best bathroom accessories which is available online or offline. That’s why you need to plan carefully and buy the best bathroom accessories according to your needs.

Kohler bathroom products –

The main aspect which makes kohler the significant is their  high quality material. Their products are crafted with care, moulded with passion, painted with love and intended with nothing but just to make it the best. Kohler has always aimed at creating the best out of anything that is BOLD, for you! Their luxurious bathroom accessories can make your room more glamorous and convenient. Here are some few products you can use to upgrade your bathroom.

Lets discuss some of their significant bathware products –

Hitech shower-


You can upgrade your shower with a hi-tech shower or smart shower. With the smart shower, It combines your traditional showerhead with a few more user-friendly controls that can make your showering experience to another level. There have also smart showers which offer you control over your water usage to conserve water. All of these new features and customization in your shower give you a better bathroom experience. Apart from that, some smart shower has Bluetooth settings. On which you can control temperatures, water flows, and pressure. Each of their products have a classy and elegant look. Their products are waterproof and made with stainless steel.

Apart from that, You can also add a showerhead to your bathroom. People who live near hard water area often suffers rough skin problems and hair problems. Installing a showerhead can solve these problems. Kohler is not only in Kolkata but considered one of the best Bathroom Accessories dealers in Bardhaman as well.

Shower seat-

The shower seat is one of the best Kohler Bathroom Accessories you can find on the market. The shower seats are perfect for additional stability or a moment of full-body relaxation. Whether a moveable seat or built-in bench, shower seating helps your bathing experience be comfortable. 


 A warm light for the bathroom/ washroom will help people to feel more relaxed and comfortable in the gives the minimal effect to your bathroom. A Warm light gives an aura effect and it provides a much better way to light up the bathrooms compared to white light when it comes to helping them function properly at night time.

Smart mirror-

For the smart bathroom renovation, you need a smart mirror. The future has arrived! A smart mirror may look like a typical mirror but it has numerous clever computerized functions with remote-controlled functionality, voice features, and switches and buttons. You can add a smart mirror, led mirror, or escale mirror in your bathroom. The normal mirror becomes foggy if you do not clean them properly. Apart from that, that, it can’t show you how refreshed you look after a shower or if your makeup needs another layer. That’s where smart mirrors come into play. Installing a smart mirror in your smart home can be a great addition. It runs on an Android-like OS that allows downloading and running apps from the Play Store and playing videos. It also displays the weather and calendar, checks and composes emails, control compatible smart home devices, etc. The kohler is not only in Kolkata but considered one of the best Bathroom Accessories dealers in Bardhaman as well.

Apart from that, the best thing about their smart mirror is that you can operate it anywhere like from a wide space to a damp space.

Smart Toilet –

The main and common features of a smart toilet include smart flushing features, an automatic lid, and water temperature. Having a good toilet and a smooth flushing system is a dream of many house owners. Like all other toilet features, installing a perfect toilet in your bathroom reduces the amount of stress and work you have to do. It makes your bathroom going experience stressless and hygienic. The necessity of health aspects in the bathroom is increasing along with well-being. For this reason, you need to upgrade your bathroom designs from minimalism to maximalism. The smart toilet idea was first invented in Japan. But now it has become a global sensation.

The Tumblr holder- 

The tumbler holder should be a must-have for every bathroom. The new Complementary tumbler holder has Line Accessories, with its superior design. Upgrade your bathroom look with complementary accessories that give a more contemporary looking. The tumbler holder has a square straight-line design and brass construction. The best fact that makes Kohler more significant than any other bathroom fittings is that it has passed ACC SST. (Acetic Acid Salt Spray test).

Steam generator –

Now you can Escape to the peace and comfort of your custom soothing steam bath, by the Kohler steam generator. Kohler provides Bathroom Accessories dealer in bardhaman. They get ready in just 1 minute. They are currently trending in the market. They are one of the best bathroom accessories by Kohler. With the press of a button, this 9-kilowatt steam generator delivers the purifying benefits of steam, including respiratory relaxation and cleansing of the body of toxins and impurities, to your shower environment.

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