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Trending – Wood Tones of bathroom walls | Kohler Bathroom accessories dealer in Kolkata

Adding a touch of luxury to your most private place with the newest bathroom designs will help you relax and revitalise the bathroom with the best Kohler bathroom accessories dealers in Kolkata. 

With their quaint and pleasant appearance, designed bathrooms instantly appeal to the eye. However, most people avoid using wood furnishings while constructing bathrooms. However, you should pick the greatest bathroom interior décor if you want to create an appealing design and bring warmth to your bathroom. A wood bathroom design is one of the contemporary bathroom designs that will give your bathroom a completely new and energising appearance. You can find some great bathroom accessories dealers in Kolkata to fashion up your bathroom design. 

The fluidic mural wall in this master bath serves as the room’s focal point and is both eye-catching and distinctive. By using American oak wood for the ceiling and flooring, the grunge-style wall tiles in dark tones are nicely contrasted. While ambient lighting brings out the textures and colours employed in this otherwise dark bathroom, the aesthetics of the space are enhanced by the abundance of natural light from full-height windows. The open vanity counter with Modern Life sink and faucet and the Kohler mirror creates the ideal balance. This is indeed one of the great pieces of all the bathroom accessories in Kolkata. 

As soon as you enter, the walls with their rock-cut appearance make a strong impression. This room has a strong character thanks to the monochromatic grey walls, floors, and wood panelling made of American oak. The Kohler ModernLife Vessel basin and matte black fixtures and fittings, coupled with soft lighting, enhance the design. Overall, this sumptuous and striking design turns your bathroom into a highly useful and eye-catching environment! You can find these amazing bathroom accessories in Kolkata.

1. Natural greenery and a wooden wall in the bathroom

This creates a very stylish contrast for your bathroom decor when you match wood walls with some organic plants. According to Vastu principles, combining these two elements will result in strong positive energy being drawn to the space.

2. A wooden accent pattern on a bathroom wall

The easiest approach to giving the ideal texture to your bathroom’s wooden walls is to select the intricate patterns of natural wood and construct a lovely accent wall.

3. In a bathroom, a false ceiling made of wood

Presenting the greatest wooden materials in your bathroom decor is one of the most widely used bathroom ideas in the modern day. It is a creative method of creating a wooden artificial ceiling. To create a beautiful and opulent bathroom décor, you can also place matching wooden flooring in the room.

4. Bathroom Design with Wooden Walls and Floors

Wooden walls and floors are an option if you want your bathroom to feel cosy and warm. Both small and large bathrooms could use this wooden bathroom design concept.

5. Walls Made of Laminate Wood

A wood tile bathroom design is an option if you want to give your bathroom walls a wooden appearance. You can select high-end and premium hardwood tiles to create a wooden look in the bathroom. Additionally, you have the choice of choosing plywood walls and wooden laminates, which look great and help to give your bathroom a very sophisticated and contemporary appearance.

6. a restroom featuring accent wooden walls

One of the best styles you may use if you like wooden wall panels is accent wooden walls. The strategy can be modified to balance wood in your home with other components like concrete and metallic accents.

7. Rustic bathroom

Wood is a versatile material that permits endless combinations. In a farmhouse with exposed stone walls, for example, an old charm parquet suffices to create the perfect rustic bathroom. And in a newly restored attic, the warmth of wood can envelop the setting from the floors to ceilings with exposed beams. In this case, correct ventilation must also be evaluated to prevent moisture deposits. And in a rustic bathroom, you can give a contemporary touch with linear, minimalistic bathroom fixtures, possibly in stone with light colours.

8. modern restroom

Making a modern bathroom with wood is a veritable game where the only boundary is your creativity, thanks to tactile contrasts, colour plays, and elegant finishes. The most recent trends in bathroom furnishings are leaning toward the usage of plain, linear surfaces, frequently made of natural materials like wood, with stone washbasins set on top of them. These components can be combined to produce a scene with contrasts in the visual and tactile senses.

9. Bathroom in a Nordic design

Recent years have seen a significant rise in the use of wood in design due to sustainability tendencies and the popularity of the Nordic style. Therefore, whether you decide to use wood for furniture, floors, or wall coverings, it is essential to use light colours and natural treatments that preserve the beauty of wood to create a Nordic design bathroom.

These are the best bathroom designs which you can discuss with some of the best bathroom accessories dealers in Kolkata. 

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