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Vanities and Storage in your bathroom | Kohler Authorised dealer in salt lake


Kohler has some amazing Bathware accessories in Kolkata, one of the primary products is vanity. Bathroom vanities are sturdy cabinets that fit under the sink in the bathroom or occasionally have a sink that is attached to them. For items like soap, makeup, or other such items that you want to keep close at hand, they offer good storage space. There are undoubtedly other features that vanities can have in addition to these, and many contemporary vanities have lighting, architectural style elements, built-in shelves, and other features. Vanities play a significant role in the overall appearance and operation of any bathroom construction.

Bathware accessories like vanities can be standalone, meaning they’re just a cabinet under the sink, or they might come with a comparable storage box over the sink for first aid supplies and medications. The majority of bathroom vanities are built to fit in with existing sinks, though they may be marketed with sinks already installed. The most common top materials for them are rare wood, marble, or tile. Depending on the quantity of storage you require and the size of your bathroom, bathroom vanities come in a variety of sizes. For bathrooms with limited space, tiny bathroom vanities are ideal because they offer little to no storage. For significant storage, some contemporary and spacious bathroom vanities may have both a cabinet and drawers. Depending on their size and construction, bathroom vanities range widely in price.


The focal point of the bathroom and its ornamental component are the bathroom vanities. In addition to your budget, you should consider the size of your bathroom and the type of storage you need when choosing a bathroom vanity. You must be certain about what you want and how you want it to be because your utilitarian demands take precedence over the artistic appearance of your bathroom. The ability to gradually create your bathroom is the finest thing about picking bathroom vanities. Your bathroom vanity can be selected or created in three easy stages.

The size of your bathroom vanity must first be chosen. To do this, thoroughly evaluate the available space in your bathroom. Large and quite roomy bathroom vanities are a great option for larger bathrooms because they provide plenty of space that, when used wisely, may make your bathroom appear even roomier. Small bathroom vanities are ideal for the majority of bathrooms, though, as they just take up a small amount of space and offer minimal storage. Never forget to leave enough room on the sides of the vanity for cleaning, regardless of the size you choose.

Your bathroom vanity’s design is the second thing you must decide. The decorative styles of bathroom vanities can be changed to meet your home’s interior design. You may like a modern-style vanity if your house has a contemporary appearance, or you may prefer an antique-looking bathroom vanity if your house has a classic appearance.

Last but not least, you should try new things. Bathroom vanities that are artistic or aesthetically pleasing might cost a lot of money. It is therefore preferable to exercise your creativity and experiment with different concepts to come up with the ideal vanity for your bathroom. Instead of purchasing full bathroom vanities, you can buy the individual components—the sink, mirror, cabinet, and cabinet top—and combine them.

Perfectionists value what they have and hold it in high regard. These unique individuals are the focus of the KOHLER® bathroom furniture collection. ​

A KOHLER® Suite offers painstakingly developed full, integrated solutions and includes a wide range of sophisticated European designs that have been painstakingly crafted for India and textured finishes to create the perfectly harmonized bathroom your perfection-loving self will appreciate.

celebrating brevity

The Reve collection can best be described as an ode to the straightforward beauty found in clear lines. Each component of the ensemble is reduced to its bare minimum, with a definite lack of decoration and solely decorative features, drawing inspiration from the minimalism and functional essentialism of Bauhaus design. Geometric shapes are used by Reve to produce sculptural forms that gradually reveal the full breadth of their distinctive characteristics. It is a work of art that provides warmth and simplicity to bathrooms that are both traditional and modern because of its strong geometric shapes and clean, uncluttered lines. The Reve collection is art at its finest and includes a Dual Flush toilet that uses less water along with a variety of sinks and vanities that provide contemporary practicality. However, this is a beautiful piece of Kohler bathware accessories in Kolkata. 

Leaving a positive impact

Another Kohler bathware accessory in Kolkata is The Escale® Suite by Kohler is a great option for individuals who long for spacious surroundings. The suite’s straight lines and broad, uninterrupted surfaces, which were inspired by sailboats, provide the impression that your bathroom is open. With a wide selection of mix-and-match complementing products, such as basins, toilets, and specific bath furniture, the suite provides complete solutions for bathrooms and powder rooms to create a light, contemporary aesthetic. Your bathroom will transform from the ordinary to the genuinely exceptional thanks to its balanced design and beautiful contours. The Escale® vanity top basin’s striking profile exemplifies both its sleek, contemporary functionality and its traditional appearance.

Introduce the outside

The Forefront collection from KOHLER® takes the finest of the outdoors inside by using wood textures and soft finishes to infuse your bathroom with a sense of natural simplicity. The line is the perfect example of how nature and design can coexist in harmony because of its smooth edges and rounded corners. Each piece has been meticulously made with sculpted and flowing lines as a result of lengthy discussions with our architect and design partners. This was done to produce a design suite that felt both modern and approachable and that harmoniously complemented the interior design of the room. The Forefront basin from KOHLER® is a mix of simple and delicate designs that looks perfect with modern vanities, precisely as it should. This is also one of the great bathware accessories in Kolkata. 

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