Why Kohler should be your first choice for your bathroom fittings? | Premium bathroom fittings in Kolkata - Bathware

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Kohler for bathroom fittings

Why Kohler should be your first choice for your bathroom fittings? | Premium bathroom fittings in Kolkata

At Kohler, each of our bathroom items is hand-picked or made by us. Aside from that, we sincerely wish to help you choose the best bathroom accessories.

The things we are most enthusiastic about at Kohler are excellent design, innovation, and respect for high-quality materials and craftsmanship. As a result, you may be certain to get the best, trendiest Kohler’s bathroom accessories. durable accessories that have a trendy appearance.

All the accessories you require are available from us. In our extensive collection, you’ll find towel rails, soap dispensers, bath mats, hooks, bathroom shelves, toilet brushes, trays, and a wide range of other bathroom accessories.

The best sanitary bathroom amenities are something that we all like to have. It becomes difficult, though, since either it looks nice but is uncomfortable, or it looks nice but your bathroom is a mess. At Kohler, we are aware of how difficult it can be to find the ideal bathroom sanitary items that both fit the area and yet seem slick and fashionable. The best sanitary ware products have been developed by Kohler as a result, and they are both aesthetically beautiful and offer you the greatest level of comfort when used in your bathrooms. These sanitary ware solutions are created to be comfortable and mix in with your bathroom without being overbearing. Kohler has painstakingly made sanitary items for you to ensure that everything appears just right, regardless of the size or style of your bathroom. Keep a low profile while maintaining a powerful presence.

The distinctive anti-germ coating that Kohler has makes it stand out from other sanitary ware choices. We constantly place a high premium on keeping both homes and work hygiene since we care about you and your health. It is possible to be shielded from the bacteria and viruses that commonly plague our society by having a clean and sanitized restroom. As a result, Kohler provides you with total protection from all viruses and bacteria.

Despite trying its hand at several specializations, Kohler’s bathroom fixtures are the key items that are associated with the company name. In several hardware, DIY, and home improvement stores in India, you may find almost all of the company’s plumbing fixtures. And the company’s famous bathtub is still one of the best-selling items today!

Nevertheless, there are a few brands that successfully combine quality with ostentation. Kohler is one such company that entices us to keep buying its goods. Their plumbing fixtures are irresistible to us!

But if you’re still unsure whether investing in Kohler bathroom products would be worthwhile, read our verifiable justifications for praising this company.

Is Kohler A Good Brand for Bathroom Fittings?

Quality Traditions

You may have entire confidence in the brand to take care of all of your plumbing issues given that it has been around for more than a century. Kohler has everything you might need, whether it be toilets, faucets, or bathtubs. But the quality of their goods is what most appeals to us. The company makes an equal effort to maintain and enhance product quality in compliance with both current and future standards. For instance, Kohler bathroom accessories are a very popular option in the US, directly competing with other top brands like American Standard, Woodbridge, and Toto, among others.

Reviews by users

Any Kohler product can be easily searched for online and will return a tonne of favorable results, which is evidence of the brand’s popularity. There are a few valid explanations for that as well. The engineering of bathtubs made expressly for people with disabilities or mobility challenges was on exhibit in Kohler’s walk-in division, which was established in 2015.

The brand gained a reputation for being sympathetic to all facets of society thanks to this swiftly popular assortment. In every state in the union, its products are sold through independent dealers.

The Builder Magazine recognized Kohler as the “best quality” and “most used” brand in the bathroom accessories category that same year. Additionally, it gave the company the highest ranking for “most used,” “consumer brand recognition,” and “quality rating” for the selection of whirlpool bath fixtures. Additionally, the company uses hand-painted sinks and toilets to create unique artistic works.

Stunning International Success

Because it selected high-quality products, as we have previously stated numerous times, Kohler has been able to successfully establish a reputation for itself on the international market.

If you go into any home improvement store in Asia or Europe, Kohler is probably one of the core brands that they have available. Many people claim that it is the “Apple equivalent” of toilet accessories. Now that’s what we mean by reputation!

Moreover, to produce small gasoline engines, Kohler established a joint venture called Kohler-YinXiang Ltd. in China in 2007. Instead of making these engines locally, the company plans to import them. Similar to this, Kohler has a company in the UK called Kohler Mira Ltd., which is situated in the county of Gloucestershire and is best known for its Mira showers.

Additionally, Kohler actively participates in several international development projects with nations including Singapore, Australia, India, France, and others. What other words might be used to describe its widespread appeal?

Technological Innovation

Kohler comprehends this better than anybody else because technology is essential to modern living. A series of “Kohler Connect” items, including smart connected mirrors, bathtubs, showerheads, shower valves, and toilets, was just revealed by the brand in 2022 (at the year’s CES expo).

The brand’s own Kohler Konnect App will allow these fixtures to be controlled via apps, have WiFi, and offer voice assistance (compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, or Amazon Alexa). The Microsoft Azure Cloud System is being utilized by the company’s engineers to achieve this goal, and Kohler has already invested millions of dollars in this project with more to come.


A one-year limited warranty is automatically included with all Kohler items unless otherwise specified. Additionally, for a year following installation, this covers material and design flaws. On top of that, there are several other extra warranties for other items, which are listed on the warranty page of the brand’s official website. Therefore, Kohler bathroom fittings should be undoubtedly your first choice.

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