Your 5-Step Guide To Choosing The Perfect Shower Enclosure by Kohler: Authorised dealer - Bathware

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Your 5-Step Guide To Choosing The Perfect Shower Enclosure by Kohler: Authorised dealer

Make sure the design you choose is one that you will enjoy for many years to come because bathrooms often don’t receive the same design upgrades and treatments as other rooms in the house. Do you prefer edgy, current trends or timeless ones? 

Your storage and accessory decisions will be influenced by how many individuals use the shower daily. The best solution is probably a tub if there are kids who need to be watched while taking a bath. A walk-in shower with a waterproof seat can be the ideal design option for someone unable to climb over a high wall. However, to get the best shower you must visit the nearby Kohler showroom in Saltlake. 

1. Exercise area awareness

Create two lists while seated at a table with all the decision-makers. Make a list of the design changes you believe are required for this project first. Then, if money, resources, and time permit it, list the extras that would be wonderful to have. This is a fantastic method to establish goals for the project and monitor the space’s priorities before work even starts. Making a note of the area you require for a good shower is the first and most important step. Large bathrooms provide you with the luxury of having more space for that, but smaller bathrooms might be a little more challenging. Once you get that problem solved, though, half your job is already done. Everything will soon fall into place, so don’t worry about things like where to put the shower tray and enclosure or what kind of shower door to use. 


Most people will agree that corner space is an ideal position for the shower because it is a style that never goes out of style. Having said that, creating a shower in a recess or alcove is the best approach to maximize your space and achieve your goals. However, when it comes to choices like door style, amount of panels, etc., a central enclosure necessitates more thought.


Using or omitting shower trays is an option. We advise getting one for a hassle-free “me-time,” nevertheless, given the crucial function they are designed for — minimizing leaking. Additionally, it is advisable to get an enclosure and a tray at the same time so that you won’t subsequently have to worry about tray size. For increased safety, choose an anti-slip shower tray.


Shower enclosures are available in a range of sizes and shapes. But picking the one that is best for your bathroom may be difficult. Do not worry, however; we are here to assist you in selecting the ideal level of comfort and design. Take into account the scope and size of the area you want to rebuild. The design choices you have for a large suite will be different from those for a smaller guest bathroom. Does the room have enough room for a walk-in shower or a shower/tub combination? Does it support pivoting or sliding doors? Which walk-in shower design ideas will enlarge a small room or reduce the size of a large space? What are the typical sizes and measurements for walk-in showers?


Ideal for bigger bathrooms! The straight shower enclosure designs that KOHLER offers are genuinely elegant and classic. Another aspect of not only this type of shower enclosure but all that the business offers is that they are available in a variety of sliding and hinged designs to match any decor. 


These shower enclosures work well in bathrooms with curves or an L shape. These are also excellent for maximizing corner space. Trust KOHLER showroom to provide you with alternatives that will offer your space a custom look while guaranteeing that when you emerge from a restorative shower, your bathroom is wonderfully dry.


U-shaped shower enclosures are undoubtedly a space-saving option for bathrooms with small walls. They can also be positioned in front of a wall to serve as a partition between two spaces. With the shower enclosures it sells, KOHLER guarantees to add a dash of modernism to the design of the bathroom.


This one requires a lot of space because a T-shaped shower enclosure divides the WC from the shower area and encloses both with glass. Its front is equipped with two doors. Be prepared to enjoy its cutting-edge design, best-in-class performance, simple maintenance, and unquestionable safety when you trust KOHLER to add one to your bathroom.


The installation of a pentagon-shaped shower enclosure in a corner is yet another great choice for little bathrooms. You will be overpowered by the vast selection of doors KOHLER offers for this style. Prepare to upgrade your showering experience considerably!


For shower enclosures, there are several door alternatives available in framed and frameless varieties. Pick one that complements your space and enhances its beauty.


It is possible to purchase sliding shower doors with one or two doors. They are created as alternatives to take up less room.



KOHLER makes shower enclosures with a fascinating selection of glass patterns that are designed with the newest fashions in mind. These glass patterns are a lovely complement to the bathroom space and come in several different varieties.


Incorporating this kind of art into modern bathrooms, geometric lines give homage to latticed screens found in traditional Indian architecture.


Your shower area has an aesthetic touch thanks to the intertwining lines dancing on the glass door.


The mizzle design surrounds you in a beautiful vision of mist and rain thanks to its uneven falling lines.

Prepare to modify your area! Installing the best shower enclosure in your bathroom with your nearest Kohler showroom will make a significant improvement to your way of life.

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